How I helped my Mom :)

When we are young, our parents take care of us. As they grow older, we take care of them. 

Taking care and ensuring their well-being involves two parts – physical health and mental health. Often times, mental health is what overpowers the overall health. 

Our job, as kids, must be to help our parents experience the spiritual world in some form. It can begin from as simple as a meditation / mindfulness exercise.   

When my mother suffered from phobia and panic disorder, and supposed palpitations, especially at night, which wouldn’t allow her to sleep, I was able to help her demonstrate mindfulness over a phone call. 

I had asked for just 10 mins, but our conversation went on for more than an hour. 

So grateful that I was able to show her an entirely new world which she was completely unaware of for the past 45 years.  

She wasn’t able to sleep from the last couple of days, but today, thankfully, she is having a good night’s sleep 🙂 


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