Insignificance Of Human Life

5 days ago, my Uber ran into a pillar.

5 years ago, my fat, heavy, desert bike got flipped over, making my entire body pressed in between the sand dunes and the bike. I was unable to move or breathe for quite sometime.

In moments like these, we realize how granted we take our lives for and it reminds us how small/insignificant human life is compared to the entire universe.

I have a friend who is a professional mountain climber. He says “I climb mountains because it gives me a different perspective of life. It tells me that in the bigger scheme of things, how small & insignificant we are…. ” (He recently delivered a TEDx talk in my colg.. to view his talk, simply type ‘tedxmnnit prem’ on YouTube)

Instead of being trapped in the psychological loop, controlling our lives, we must find ways to take a step back, be grateful and to touch base with the reality every now and then. That’s where all the magic is.  

Dated: 9th Aug 2018

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