Interrupting people is good

All throughout my Life, I have been told that interrupting people is rude and we shouldn’t do it. 

What if I told you that interrupting people is actually good? 

Let’s say you’re in a conversation with someone. If, both of you value your time and want to spend it in a meaningful way then you’d want to make sure that the time spent with the other person is meaningful, right? 

In order for that to happen, both the parties must ‘agree’ to be in sync with whatever is being discussed/spoken about. If any of the parties disagree, we should, in fact, we must, for the sake of our time, interrupt the other person to either:

  • Ask a question to check the rationale/basis (If basis is acceptable, chat more – or else, save your time)
  • Change the direction of the discussion (If discussion is going in wrong direction, change the direction) 

What do you think?

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