Spoiled Experiences

There are some people out there who ruin it for everyone else. 

Someone decided to mentor but the mentee did not bother to keep in touch or say ‘thank you’. Now that ‘someone’ no longer bothers to mentor anyone.

Someone decided to contribute to a cause but later found out that the beneficiary misused the funds raised. Now that ‘someone’ thinks thrice before contributing anywhere. 

Someone decided to thank for a compliment but later found that the
complimenter is a creep, stalker and a despo. Now that ‘someone’ is cautious before taking any compliments. 

Someone received a cool Diwali Gift saying ‘Happy Diwali’ but two days later, was asked for a favor by the sender. Now that ‘someone’ associates ‘gifts’ with vested interests and manipulation, and so, hesitates to accept gifts from anyone. 

Are you the one contributing to these spoiled experiences and ruining it for everyone else? 

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