Striking a chord with people

Most people care about themselves, more than anybody else in the world. Their own needs, desires and wishes are the most important thing in their Life. There is no sense of empathy and authenticity.

This is why, in every conversation that they have with others, they’ll always talk about themselves – their needs, desires, goals and what not. This puts other people off. Your goal should not be to talk/reply but to understand others and where they are coming from. 

How can we do that? 
By listening carefully. By understanding why a person is saying what he is saying. By asking good questions. By sharing your own authentic thoughts and asking for clarifications wherever needed – don’t agree superficially.

Others are more interested to know ‘why’ you’re doing something. Your rationale behind the decisions you took and the reason for you to think in a particular way. If you make sense, that’s good, but even if you’re wrong and the other person can see a part of himself/herself in you, you’ll strike a chord. 

Not because that the person wants to waste his/her time by correcting you, but, because you’ll have hit an emotional chord and would have given a new meaning to the relationship. 

Hitting an emotional chord with people is very powerful – as, this is what moves people to taking action. That’s why copywriters make more money than content writers. 

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