The FMS ego

We had hired two interns from FMS at Acadview (now acquired by Upgrad). It was a 2 months internship.

One of them came to office for 1 day and then disappeared. Did not even bother to communicate or respond to texts/calls/emails.

The other guy made us hire two more interns under him. Shared a lot of strategy, advise, concepts, even instructed the interns to do the work but hardly executed /achieved anything for us. No RoI whatsoever. On top of that, he made someone from his college call us to increase his stipend because “he was from FMS”

Today I was chatting with another FMS person, and guess what? Same arrogance, pride, false ego!

Going to a branded/top college means you’re supposed to set an example by being more humble, empathetic and compassionate.

I have been really fortunate to meet and get advise from dozens of successful people from all walks of Life. The #1 trait which is common amongst them all – Humility.

The moment you become cocky or arrogant… that’s the moment you stop learning” – Rustam Sengupta
From the chapter ‘Words Of Wisdom’, Trapped.

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