The lone nut

I did not know that I could write, until I wrote this book. (‘Trapped‘)

Honestly, the first draft of ‘Trapped‘ sucked. And, I was frankly, embarrassed to talk about it.

When people asked me “How’s the book coming along?” – I did not know what to answer.

Then, I met Ankita Gupta through a common friend and told her why I’m writing the book.

She already had a degree in English along with some decent editing experience under her belt. Plus, I made one of my best friends, Prashant (who has always been a bookworm since childhood) run through her work. Prashant approved and so, I knew that she’s the one! Convincing her to edit the book was paramount.

Ankita turned out to be an editing whizz! And boy, did I get lucky? In about a month, the entire book was overhauled and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Suddenly, I found my confidence back and started talking about the book openly, and why it was important. We, soon became a team of 7, with Ankita being the first to join the project.

The first to join any mission/project are always special. Because, they are the ones who turn the lone nut into something more. Without them, you’d have no value.

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