Underestimating the small things

Every day, around 150 children go missing in India – kidnapping and abduction is the largest crime against children in our country (National Crime Record Bureau 2016)

5 days ago, my maid’s son went missing. She was devastated but still came to work. The taste of my food had changed and a lot of tears went into cleaning our house floors.

She registered a police complaint on Day 1 but nothing had happened. I really wanted to help but didn’t know how. 2 days ago, I called CHILDLINE India Foundation and asked for help. I am so glad to tell you that they have finally found her son and she still came to work today – but with eyes of glory and peace in her heart.

Moral of the story:

Never underestimate the small things that you can do for others. It might help bring about change in ways beyond your imagination. 

Dated: 5th Oct 2018

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